Some of y’all might be surprised…

but I’m not going to lay into Mark Mulder. The guy has some issues right now, the first of which is that I could hit a home run off of him. Why that’s so, no one seems to know. If Mulder knows, he’s not saying.
He claims he’s not injured, but Duncan thinks his mechanics are flawed. He allegedly threw an ‘electric’ practice session within the last couple of days, but I’d guess Joe Crede wasn’t there at the plate with a bat on his shoulder.

Something has got to give…and throwing a sieve (actually 2, let’s not forget Ponson) out there every 5 days will not get the Cardinals wins. It looks like young Mr. Reyes will be pitching on Thursday. I wish him well. He’s going to need it. But I think he’s got the stuff and mental toughness to succeed and hang with the big club.

All this aside, the American League is clearly the better league right now. Maybe more on that later…



  1. Kevin

    Only he knows, Tiffany. Duncan and TLR seem stumped too. Doesn’t seem like there’s an easy answer to this one.

    Maybe missing a start or two will help. I’m hopeful, but not expecting a great difference if he takes a week or two off and focuses on his mechanics.

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