A Jim Edmonds strikeout

is not a bad thing…unless it’s a K while looking at strike 3.

Anyway, while reading ‘Moneyball’ the last several days, the art of baseball analysis has become much clearer to me. I have an interesting analysis on OBP versus SLG, as it relates to Jimmy’s re-birth as a power hitter. My goal is to get that up and out sometime tomorrow.

Nice performance by Soup. Just when I give up on the guy, 2 very good games in a row. And they couldn’t come at a better time. Very good curve tonight. He needs that pitch to be successful, ’cause his fastball isn’t fooling anyone.

Regarding the potential D-Train trade…for what the cost might be…yikes. It might be a little jump-start the Redbirds could use, though. Willis is actually younger than Reyes…although according to the Pitching Abuse Points formula, his arm has taken a beating this year. Caveat emptor.


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