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A new calling?

I haven’t written a post in awhile…I went to the Lou to see a couple of games against the Astros last weekend, and didn’t have the means to do much blogging…and the Redbirds march to mediocrity is leaving me uninspired. But, no excuses.
However, in the spirit of laughing at ourselves and the team I love, I started a new blog called Josh the Bat Boy over at WordPress. If it can be half as amusing as Cardinals Diaspora or The FYC, I’ll be happy.

I’ll try to keep this updated, but I’m going to focus on Josh for now. 30 year old bat boys rule.


Here’s to you, Cardinal fan!

Alex of The FYC, formerly known by another name (his blog, not the man himself), has an entertaining series at Inside STL called STL Cardinal Hoosier Fan of the Week.
Although we self-styled Best Baseball Fans in America have our share of detractors, who couldn’t love a guy with Busch Stadium II tattooed across his back?

Or “the dude with the totally inappopriate t-shirt that little Melissa or Johnny shouldn’t be seeing?”

Here’s to you, Mr. “Cards games give me a chance to show off my self-styled manhood!”

Real fans of genius. They come in every shape and size…even, or especially in, St. Louis.

Yes, I realize I was on a blog strike until the Cardinals won again…which still hasn’t happened…but we need to inject some humor into our putrid circumstances, don’t we?

Oh, and fair warning…The FYC is not a family-friendly blog…by that, I mean…you might read something there you don’t like if you’re easily offended.

Funny as heck, though!