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From Deuces Wild and That’s A Winner

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Where has the last 30 years or so gone? When I was a wee child of 6-7, I used to listen to the Redbirds via a transistor radio, and I used one of those white earpieces at night when I was supposed to be sleeping so that my parents didn’t know I was still up.

I would hang on every word Jack Buck and Mike Shannon said as they called a Cards game, win or lose. Now I can watch most games via MLB Extra Innings, and listen to all games by XM Satellite Radio. Amazing, huh?

I lost track of the Cardinals from about 1983 to 1998 as I moved from central Illinois to Indianapolis to West Lafayette, Indiana…to southern California…and then to the Land of Enchantment. When I lived in SoCal, I decided I would take up being an Angels fan during their magic run in 1995…before their stunning collpase beginning in early August. Then during McGwire’s magic run in 1998, I started following the Cards again…seeing ESPN highlights and watching the standings.

Now, from 1000 miles away, it’s all Cardinals, all the time. At least from April to October.

Mike Shannon still entertains me…I guess it’s his devil-may-care attitude in the booth. He may not get every detail correct, but he’s got such a unique voice and he seems to have fun and enjoy what he does for a living. John Rooney has fit in well, I think finally taking over Jack’s microphone and making it his own.

I miss Jack Buck…but if I need to be lulled into a dream-like state by an announcer, Vin Scully is still at work. I just wish I had gotten to experience Red Barber.Jbuck_2