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The Greatness that is

The Chicago Cubs.
Well, against the St. Louis Cardinals, anyway.

There’s no explaining it…and there’s no denying it. When the Cardinals and Cubs get together – the teams don’t just change jerseys, they trade personalities. Freaky Friday every game of the series.

Well, the sterling Mr. Maddux is going up against the flat-billed flame thrower today…unless Maddux gets pulled before game time for an impending trade to say, the Dodgers or Brewers.

We can only hope. Of course, no matter who the Cubbies run out there to the mound, they tend to fare better more than not against the Scub-birds. Yikes. Yesterday, aside from Novoa, the stats are pretty impressive.

And that isn’t exactly the 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers pitching staff out there.


What gives?

What’s with the alleged best bullpen in baseball?
Reyes pitches well, and gets a proverbial knife in the gut from his bullpen.

Remember, your enemies stab you in the back…your friends are kind enough to stab you in the front.

Run through, yet again.

However, the ‘Stros bullpen is coming in. We’ll see what happens.


The Royals Sports Television Network (RSTN) shows an inordinate amount of the Royals’ mascot’s antics. When I watch a Cards game via Fox Sports Midwest, I can’t recall much coverage of Fredbird.
Maybe there’s just more interesting baseball going on with the Redbirds…and the Royals announcers have to fill time by showcasing Sluggerrrrrrrrrrrrr…


I put the abbreviation for ‘what the f***?’ in my last post, and it shows up in the published post as ****?

Scotty gets hit on the first at bat of the 2nd inning. AR looked good in the bottom of the first. Time for Jimmy to scorch one.