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I’d personally like to thank the fans of most of the other MLB teams who presented fans of the St. Louis Cardinals warm thoughts, wishes and prayers over the death of Josh Hancock early this morning.
It’s times like this that makes me proud to be not just a fan of the Cardinals, but a baseball fan as well.

While we cheer for our own team, and maybe boo the opponents, the vast majority of fans realize that it’s a game, and while the outcome of every game is important to us, it’s still just a game. Even the players realize that.

Take time tonight or tomorrow to tell your parents, and your wife, and your children that you love them, because that time may be your last. You think not, and you hope not, but nobody knows when they’re time to move on will come. Josh Hancock didn’t, I don’t, and you don’t.

Live life to it’s fullest, and live in the moment. It’s all we have, in addition to our memories.

As I’ve borrowed from the wonderful reading Christine Buck gave at her father’s memorial at Busch Stadium II in July 2002 all day, I’ll do so again…

Go crazy, heaven. Go crazy…for God’s new RH long-reliever.

Rest in piece, Josh. Say hello to Jack and Darryl for us. And thanks for taking the ball when we needed you to do so.