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The Tide is high

but I’m holdin’ on…
The red tide of doom and gloom has engulfed Cardinal Nation. I refuse to be ****** in.

The Belliard move was a slight upgrade, for more money. It may only be a short-term move, if he’s not resigned. Doesn’t bother me either way. I’ll take the draft picks if he leaves.

Jorge Sosa? For a guy that can throw 95 MPH, he’s worth losing Mr. Scalamandre. Not sure Dunc can turn him around, but I suppose it’s worth a shot.

So, that’s it for the non-waiver trade deadline. I guess we’ll see what the next month brings, and what the cost is.

I don’t live in St. Louis, so I’m not up on what Mr. DeWitt said about spending money on the team. But would Cardinals fans really rather have Anheuser-Busch running the organization? Do you remember what the team was like from 1990-1995? And let’s be honest…while an enthusiastic owner, Gussie Busch was not throwing money around like Daddy Warbucks towards the end of his life. He was cheap even during the great Eighties.

Even the great Billy Beane admits that his method of building a team only works for the regular season – in other words, to build a team to win a division and get to the playoffs. Getting from the LDS to the LCS and into the World Series depends a lot upon luck.

The Cardinals have a team capable of winning the division, and representing the National League in the World Series. What the team does with their opportunity depends on how well they play, avoiding injuries, and the myriad possibilities of how their opponents play and their injury status.

They’re not as good a team as they were in 2005, and certainly not as good as the 2004 team…but they’re not that much worse. With 2 months left in the season, the division is theirs for the taking. As for next year, I’ll worry about that when they’re done playing this season.

Now…go get ’em, boys!


Thoughts about the Belliard move

Per Brian Walton at The Birdhouse:
Belliard has the right to become a free agent this fall if he so chooses. Last off-season, Belliard was designed in the top half of the Type A players in his position grouping and I expect he will carry that designation this year, too.

That means that even if he decides to leave the Cardinals, if they offer him arbitration, the Cardinals will receive a first or second-round pick plus a supplemental first-rounder if he signs elsewhere for 2007. That makes this a decent deal for the Cardinals in the present and future.

So, the team gets an All-Star caliber player at 2B for at least the remainder of the season. They may try to re-sign him, and he may want to come back…but if not, the Cardinals get a couple of high-level draft picks in return if he leaves. Those draft picks could become the everyday 2B in say, 2010, plus another major-league caliber starting pitcher then, or sooner.

Regardless, the Cardinals are hedging their bets. They think they’ll be better off with Belliard at 2B the remainder of the season than Miles…and they’re right…and they believe they’d be better off with him than with Luna. About this, we’ll never know. Luna just didn’t get the extended playing time to determine his true worth as an everyday player.

The team improved (to a pretty good degree) its offense at 2B, and probably its defense too. Ronnie is still young enough to re-sign should both sides want that. If not, the Cardinals will get a couple of high-level draft picks if he goes elsewhere in the off-season. That, my friends, is the ‘Moneyball’ way. It has its flaws, but everyone and their brother knows that the Cards farm system lacks depth. This is one way to improve the team immediately, and for the future, even if Belliard isn’t around next season.

Thinking of it this way, I’m beginning to feel much better about this trade. And I didn’t feel as bad about it to begin with as quite a few other Cardinals bloggers and fans.

In case Belliard is a rental, here is the current list of 2B free agents (besides Belliard) after this season:

Luis Castillo
Mark Loretta
Ray Durham
Mark Grudzielanek
Craig Biggio
Adam Kennedy
Alfonso Soriano
Todd Walker

There are options available should the Cardinals need a new second basement next season.

Ronnie Belliard should be a Cardinal

Later today, per Bernie Miklasz:
Trade should happen today

He’d be swapped for Hector Luna. I like Hector, and wish him well. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to play every day in Cleveland. I assume this means Miles will be riding the pine, which is probably a good thing for the team, although not so good for Aaron.

Ronnie’s OPS is .754 with 8 HR and 44 RBI. Not bad. A nice upgrade for 2B.

Welcome to St. Louis, Ronnie! Hopefully, I should add…

A Green in left is worth a Duncan on the bench?

Shawn Green’s abbreviated line this season:

.296 .354 .447

Chris Duncan:


.283 .328 .531

If the Cards can claim him off waivers, I’m all for it. I wouldn’t give up anything for him in a trade, though. Decent OBP…weak SLG…relatively low RBI numbers. He’d be a pretty good number 6 or 7 hitter. OBP not high enough for a number 2 in this lineup. Of course, young Dunc has been hitting there, so I suppose it would be an improvement in that area.

Another day at Wrigley, another puzzling loss. Reyes pitched well enough. A little too carefully in my estimation, but that was probably a lot by design.

The Tremendous Trio (Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds) need to play better, namely hit better with runners in scoring position. Hopefully it’ll start tomorrow. I’m pretty sure Carp will pitch well enough to win…but it remains to be seen if the team can play (hit and field) well enough to support him.

I’m sure they’re trying, but the Cubs are trying harder. And playing better. And it shows.